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Your Voice for Open Government and Lower Taxes

Open and Efficient Government

Open government means more access to Riverton's mayor and city council and more accountability for city officials. Paul wants to promote open discussions with the Mayor and City Council that include your ideas. Efficient Government means less waste of city funds which means less taxes and fees for Riverton citizens. Paul wants to evaluate city taxes and fees, prioritize expenses and eliminate waste and to establish fiscal discipline and accountability.

It takes a lot of effort for elected officials to stay connected with those who elected them. I am committed to having an open door and listening to your ideas. Citizens should be involved in open houses and public hearings so they feel that they have been adequately notified by decisions of the Mayor and city council.

Paul will work with citizens, especially those directly affected by changes and policies to have their input and their knowledge before changes are made.

Business Development

Riverton utah Business park

Business development means Economic development and is vital to keep Riverton a thriving community. Paul wants to make it more attractive for businesses to move to Riverton. Bringing businesses to Riverton brings more sales tax revenue and more jobs in Riverton. Increasing the sales tax base is a big benefit for Riverton citizens. Paul will work to make the permit and application process easier and more streamlined for new businesses to come to Riverton.

Paul also wants to encourage local businesses to get involved and connect with Riverton residents. By adding a local business page to the city's monthly newsletter to highlight business and city services, Riverton citizens can be more aware of what is available right here in their own city.

Stronger Sense of Community

Riverton has a long tradition of being a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Riverton residents are here because of safe neighborhoods and a small town community feeling. Paul wants Riverton to continue to be that kind of place. Paul wants to improve and encourage community events.

Paul is actively involved in creating Neighborhood Watch Programs in our local neighborhoods. This will bring neighbors together and encourage a safer environment for our families and community.

Events such as Riverton Arts Fair, Riverton Town Days and organizations such as the Riverton Arts Council bring activities and entertainment to our community. Paul wants these activities to continue and improve.

Continuing with the good

There is a lot of good things happening in Riverton. We have wonderful citizens who are proud of their community and choose to live here and raise their families. We have beautiful parks, strong businesses and are continuing to grow and get better. Paul is a strong advocate for small businesses and fair taxes. He will work to improve local parks for families and events. Paul supports our valued traditions. He will continue the city newsletter, with the addition of an early notification of city events and issues affecting residents. We can keep our community close and strong. We have the best police and fire protection available with our Unified Fire Authority and Unified Police Department.

Paul wants to expand the "Welcome to Riverton" packets given to new residents to include information on city events, services and organizations. These can be a great way to help new residents feel welcome, involved and informed about our city government and business services.